Hey there

So, what is 'hyblog' I hear you ask? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. The name is an amalgam of hybrid and blog and it is a different approach to a blog than the database driven (b)log-In partly inspired by Static Site Generators but with a dynamic approach. Rather than having to build the site after each change, it uses dynamic files which write/pull posts and comments to/from .md files. Hyblog uses Emanuil Rusev's Parsedown & ParsedownExtra libraries for Markdown. It's still in very early stages of development and is primarily an experiment to see what can be done without a database.
Most features should be easily discoverable and intuitive, but here is a couple of quick pointers: - Click the comment icon before a post to toggle comment section (this doubles as the permalink) - Previous/Next links will take you to the next day with a post. Empty days are ignored.
hyblog was created by me, Colin Walker and can be found on GitHub Here.

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